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Hidden in a pocket right off Atlantic Avenue is a secret oasis, The Yaxche Tearoom. With a wrap around porch, wall of tea, and emporium of fun curiosities, this restaurant’s seriously hip.

Yaxche feels magical. Boca News had the pleasure to sit down with the tearoom’s co-owner, Alexandra Wayne (who founded Yaxche along with Tom Worrell).

Read on to learn more about Delray’s best kept secret!

What is Yaxche?


There’s a tree covered in spiky buds greeting guests as they walk into Yaxche. The tearoom takes its name from this, the Yaxche tree.

Also known as the tree of life, the Yaxche’s said to represent where the spirit world and the heavenly world meet and unite as one. The Mayan people believed this tree’s a site of joyous celebration.

The Yaxche tree’s said to only take root and grow on sacred ground. It’s fitting the tree’s nestled next to this magical…

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